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Regina Askia Shows Off Some Of Her Achievements

Former Nollywood actress who is now a Nurse in the United State Of America show off some of her achievements.

The American based Nurse took to her social media space and posted a picture of her achievements.

She also wrote on her social media space “God has been faithful! Shoutout to those of you at Preparatory School, Charles Walkers International School and Convent Girls school, Calabar. To those who acted those stage plays at the African Club and Saturday Playhouse. Those days in old Calabar did indeed condition us for showbiz. We were built for this ish. We don teyyyyy……..and God has blessed us. The kids today have changed the game and the industry is so much richer/better for it. As the tides change we assume other levels of responsibility. Taking from it to grow and giving back to it in community service. To all the ones who went before us as our inspiration and guardians we salute you. To those coming behind us we encourage you. May we never forget where we came from so we do not loose sight of where we are headed. May God continue bless the works of our hands! Amen 🙏 (Having said that – please if you can find your BIRTHDAY in any of the above mentioned decades…… Enough said! If I try to hold your hand, it’s b/c I once walked that path. Thanks to science you don’t get to see my grey hairs but do recognize and respect. Love and Light always ! Cheers .”

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